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Desirable Names offers unique premium domain packages which includes your desired domain name, branding keywords and historic listing on Google. Don't hesitate, buy your ideal domain today.

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We have 100s of casino domain names to suit your needs. We have casino domains both general and geo-specific.

A good sportsbook name can be hard to come by but look no further. We have sportsbook domains both general and geo-specific.

Enjoying a surge of popularity, bingo domains are back and we have some great ones. We have bingo domains both general and geo-specific.

We have domains for financial exchanges, shareholdings, payment processing and banking all of which are very brandable.

As well as covering the on-trend cannabis industries we also have select wellness, fitness and travel domains, if you are quick!

Some domains are just good for any business in any industry, we have low letter, catchy and brandable domains to be snapped up.

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Of course, our main aim is to help you find the domain you want. To this end we have tailored
our product around presenting appealing domains with all the services you need to be up and running quickly.

Years of

We know what makes a great domain and we can help you find one from our extensive collection.


Short, catchy and desirable domains give you a lot of the help you need when setting up your brand.


Most of our domains are listed on search engines with basic branding keywords set up.


Our premium domains have websites to get brand exposure and to shorten launch times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's very simple, click on the BUY IT NOW. Alternatively click on Make Enquiry and we can have a discussion about either leasing the domain to you or other financing options. On some domains we may also be open to negotiations…but please make a serious offer if you want to do this. Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of FraudWe use for all our domain sales. This makes the transaction safe for you and us. You (the buyer) send the money to We then send them the domain name. They only release the funds when they have the domain name in their control, ready to send to you. You (the buyer) have control over the process at all times. also provide a legal agreement between the buyer and seller (us) so you have full legal protection.

You will need an account to purchase domains from It only takes a few minutes to set up an account, sign up for one now.

Usually a transfer takes between 24 and 48 hours, although it does depend which domain registrar you use and whether it is a weekday or not. We aim to have an authorisation code for your transfer delivered within an hour of confirming receipt of funds.

Your domain name says a lot about your company. Let’s face it, customers and clients make snap decisions about you based on your domain name. If you call your company Mega Corp but your domain name is then it doesn’t make you look very mega.

A premium domain name should do the following:

  • Be easy to remember
  • Be easy to spell
  • Have as few characters as possible - short is snappy
  • Build trust with the consumer

It is worth getting your domain right when you set up your company. So many companies set up with a .net or .io domain name but when they grow bigger they pay millions to upgrade to the .com of their company name. The cost of the rebrand, the SEO headaches and the changing of everything from email addresses to marketing campaigns all adds up and could have been avoided just by paying for the .com when they launched. Get your memorable domain today.

Good domains are rare. With pretty much every business in the world needing a domain name, a good .com domain is hard to obtain. Domain names regularly sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes sell for millions. 20 domains have sold for more than $3 million and that is just the publicly reported sales (most domain sales are privately brokered).

Desirable Names has built up an enviable portfolio of .com domains over the past 20 years. Like buying property or investing in stocks, domain investment is not risk free and there is a big cost for holding our portfolio.

If you were thinking of sending us an offer for $100 for a premium domain name, please stop and think again. The supply of good domain names is decreasing all the time as companies buy and use the domains that are easy to remember, brandable and easy to spell. Domain name prices are only going one way at the moment - UP! Seize the moment now and buy the best domain name for your business because you can be sure that in three years time the same domain name will cost you a LOT more.